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Business Financial Planning

Many of our clients are business owners who seek out our knowledge and experience in managing their business finances as well as their personal wealth. We apply our same consultative approach to your business planning needs, bringing experience helping family and privately-held businesses optimize cash flow, retirement planning, succession planning and more.

Importance of business succession planning

Business succession planning helps to ensure that a smooth transition can occur when you’re ready to retire or sell your business. We believe succession planning should include the long-term goal of retirement, but should also focus on contingency planning to protect against unexpected events. We can assist you in developing a succession planning strategy that seeks to help:

  • Time your exit to maximize value (eliminating the risk of a fire sale)
  • Ensure continuity of service for your clients or customers
  • Provide for an efficient transfer of business to a successor or buyer of your choosing
  • Retire on your schedule
  • Remove emotional decision-making
  • Provide career-path opportunities to existing associates and/or elevate key employees to owners
  • Coordinate with your personal estate plan to minimize estate taxes
  • Plan for the unexpected

We can help point out any gaps in important insurance coverages, and areas that may benefit from more cost-effective planning strategies.

We provide innovative strategies for your specific needs in these and other areas:

  • Cash-management services
  • Business succession planning
  • Corporate retirement plans, including profit sharing, 401(k), and 403(b) plans
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Individual and group health insurance strategies.
  • Key person insurance